Shadow Wisdom, Shadow WorkKarin Green brings her vast experiential knowledge of Shadow Work to create a safe, nurturing space in which her clients can access deep healing and transformation. She’s motivated to empower people to overcome fears, make lasting changes, and create positive impact in their lives.

Revolutionary Call

I’m motivated to empower people to overcome fears, make positive changes, transform the voice of their inner critic and create positive impact in their lives so they may live the rich, fully satisfying life they truly want.

My work is guided by my vision to help create a world in which we all feel seen, loved, and nurtured because we’re fully present and aware of the true needs of our hearts and souls.  Getting there is an intentional act—and I am passionate about helping my clients get there.

About Me

I’m a transformational conduit for my clients and receive great satisfaction in helping others discover their path to living the life they choose. I believe that any person can transform their past into a portal to healing and I know we all have a visceral ability to find that which give us joy and to make healthy and powerful choices for ourselves—we just sometimes need help accessing it. Through my Shadow Work® and Coaching programs, I provide my clients with the tools and guidance they need in order to achieve the life they want.

I was introduced to Shadow Work in 2008 during my apprenticeship in Priestess Path with Alisa Starkweather, a Shadow Work facilitator and world-renowned women’s empowerment mentor, and it literally transformed my life.  I fully and quickly embraced the power it has to heal and change lives and began my own Shadow Work training. I’ve been leading private and group Shadow Work seminars since 2010.

I’m also a Transformational Life Coach trained by Dr. Kate, a psychologist and international author and speaker, as well as a certified Shadow Work coach. I often find my coaching clients turning to Shadow Work as a complimentary option to discovering what they need and want in their lives; I do incorporate many Shadow Work tools into coaching sessions.

My dedication to my own personal healing work through programs such as Landmark Education,  Priestess Path, Women in Power, Woman Within, and Shadow Work culminated in me taking the leap from the academic science world—where I’ve published and worked as a laboratory manager and scientist at a large university for the last 13 years—into assisting others in discovering their own healing journeys leading them toward greater joy and satisfaction in life.

I often offer women’s Shadow Work weekend seminars with Junie Moon Schreiber and co-ed Shadow Work seminars with Mark Massoni.

“Shadow Work has been one of the most effective methods I’ve used in making real changes in my life. It has given me a greater understanding of myself, my perceptions, and my motivations, but more astonishingly, it has provided experiences that have actually changed how I view myself and how I act in my own life and in the world. The changes have been vital in making me a healthier, happier person. I can’t recommend the Shadow Work processes enough, and Mark and Karin are excellent facilitators. They are astute, empathetic and knowledgeable observers who do a wonderful job of co-creating the process.”

~Stacy E.