Shadow Work seminars

Shadow Work Seminars

April 13015, 2018, Nyack, Ny – Facilitated by Junie Moon Schreiber and Karin Green

With Shadow Work® you get an opportunity to look at the archetypal energies that we each carry within and learn how to use these energies in your life with intention and focus, to fulfill your purpose and manifest your dreams. Join us to open up your doorway to a joyful and fulfilling life.


The Dragon TrainingShadow wisdom - Inner Critic

March 15-18, 2018, Carpinteria, CA – Facilitated by David Kaar, Karin Green, and Tom Pitner

The Dragon Training℠ is a 4-day training for you who are serious about taking the next steps in your journey to truly and fully show up in your life and in your relationships. The training builds on the work and foundation you have done so far. The Dragon Training connects you to the next stage of teachings and tools for awareness, fulfillment, joy and significance.


 Basic Shadow Work Facilitation Training

October 6-14, 2018, Providence, RI

In the Basic Shadow Work Facilitation Training you will learn about the essential Shadow Work® facilitation skills and how to use them for yourself, your family, and in your community. The process we invite you to join will be intense, enjoyable and practical.