bloomKarin Green’s clients tell what it’s like to work with Karin and experience her Shadow Work seminars and coaching programs.

 What My Clients Have to Say

 Shadow Work® has been one of the most effective methods I’ve used in making real changes in my life. It has given me a greater understanding of myself, my perceptions, and my motivations, but more astonishingly, it has provided experiences that have actually changed how I view myself and how I act in my own life and in the world. The changes have been vital in making me a healthier, happier person. I can’t recommend the Shadow Work process enough, and Mark and Karin are excellent facilitators. They are astute, empathetic and knowledgeable observers who do a wonderful job of co-creating the process.

~Stacy E.

Mark and Karin’s Shadow Work Seminar melds mind, body, and spirit in a dance of emotional transformation.  They facilitate with deep connection and love and lead from the heart to create a safe, rich space for interactive growth and rebirth.

~Barbara F.

You are a gifted, strong, skilled facilitator who offers a gift of a grounded, soothing, calming and nurturing presence with good seeing and clean and clear reflecting.  The world needs your work!  So glad to know you are taking the steps to make that happen.

~Rachel F.

“Mark and Karin are skilled, heart-centered facilitators who have helped me do deep work.”

~Guthrie S.

“When my husband and I attended Karin and Mark’s Shadow Work workshop, we were not sure what to expect, but we were open to the experience. For me it was an experience that opened up a deep and old issue I had been suppressing for a long time, since I was a small child. The class was so warm and inviting and after experiencing and participating in the releasing of old traumas from some of the others, I was moved to share my own.

 What came up for me was really unexpected. But with the encouragement of Karin and Mark I was able to allow all my feelings to surface. I truly connected with another class member and asked her to role play with me. Karin and Mark assisted. With their help, I totally surrendered myself. I allowed this deep feeling I had been holding onto for so long to release from my body. I was able to throw it away! It was very healing for me to finally let this darkness I had held onto for so long to just go away.

I’m so grateful to Karin and Mark for their knowledge and humble loving was of assisting others, and myself, with this Shadow Work. It really does work.”

~Deborah F.

“Karin and Mark are an amazing team. Their Shadow Work process is brilliant, very effective, and they have such a unique ability to flow intuitively to what comes up, and how to take you to the next step.  They create a safe container for the whole group, and because of this, you really can get to the heart of your issues, knowing you can trust everyone there.  For me, one of the most powerful things was witnessing other participant’s process unfold, which helped me to understand myself more.  This is work like none other, it goes really deep to who you are in places we rarely explore. When people are really stuck in life, I say, “It’s time for Shadow Work!” I’m grateful for these two beautiful facilitators.”

~Joy C.