1-on-1 Shadow Work Coaching

Shadow Work® Coaching is a deeply transformational approach designed to help you understand and transform your shadows. A “shadow” is a denied or repressed part of the self that can, if left unexamined, control our actions in ways we might not choose or be aware of.

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What you can expect from a Shadow Work Coaching session…

   – Confront shadows that were previously unknown to you or too scary to face

   – See painful lifelong patterns with new clarity and understanding

   – Get the inner support you need to shift those patterns

   – Release resentment towards a loved one and find forgiveness

   – Safely access your inner warrior and gain new power and confidence

   – Transform your Inner Critic to an Inner Ally

   – Accessing more of your Life Force and Joy


What will happen in a Shadow Work Coaching Session…

We will spend time getting clear on what you want from the session and explore any previous experiences or incidents in your life that may be relevant to the work we’re going to do.

The idea that we are all made up of many different ‘parts’ is used in a Shadow Work process. Though in reality we know we are dealing with one whole human being we find the idea of parts very helpful to access your subconscious.

The whole process is guided by you and at every new step you chose which direction to take. We spend time exploring the parts that you think are most relevant and finding out as much information as we can. This is how we build a picture of what is going on in your inner world.  We then look at what changes you might like to make to this picture.

“Karin Green is truly a master in my eyes when it comes to shadow work. I have been doing shadow work for 10 years and I am also a certified facilitator and coach so I know skill when I see it.  Witnessing her brilliance in groups and also experiencing her coaching with my own private session has truly blown me away.  I highly recommend her not only for her skill but her heart as well. She deeply cares. For anyone wanting to shift and embrace a healthier full life, I highly recommend Karin.” ~ Junie Moon Schreiber


To bringing these changes about you are invited to step in to and interact with some of the parts.

   – There may be a part you want to give comfort or support to

   – There may be a part you need to speak to or negotiate with

   – There may be a part you want to express anger towards

   – There may be a part you want to reclaim your Power from

   – There may be two parts that need to make peace with each other

The possibilities are endless. The decision of what will happen and how it will happen is made by you, with the support and guidance of the Shadow Work coach.

Length and time of a 1-on-1 Shadow Work Session…

These sessions are usually a full day (6-8h) and in person. Some people come for a single ‘one off’ session, others choose to continue by booking a series of sessions to explore an area in more depth. Some people return over the following months or years when further issues arise. Shadow Work is very flexible and sessions can be adapted in length and frequency to suit your particular requirements. Most of these sessions are held in Providence, RI, though I will travel to see you if requested. These sessions are easily combined with and complimentary to the “Bust Your Inner Critic” coaching program, where we meet via video conferencing.

How to schedule a Shadow Work Coaching Session…

Schedule a time to talk to me to explore if this is for you:

Here is a link to Alyce Barry’s description of the difference between Life Coaching and Shadow Work® Coaching.