Face Your Dragon: Audacity

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ~ Henry David Thoreau   Audacity is a word I never heard used much aside from Barack Obama’s book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. I remember thinking at the time, “why is hope audacious?” I had only ever heard the word used to describe rude or disrespectful behavior — which is, in fact, one of its […]

Face Your Dragon: Agency

I just finished teaching, alongside David Kaar, our first 7-week Face Your Dragon program online. We have taught this class in person but this was our first time teaching it since the pandemic began. I was hesitant and nervous not knowing how it would translate in an online format, but it turned out even better than I hoped for!   This course deep dives into shifting the energy that holds us back from our true desires, and watching the transformation […]

Daring to Rest…and Rise

In June, I posted a blog entitled, “A Well-Rested Woman” about my Limitless Self ~ Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra program. It was a wonderful journey with these women. Their shares affirmed what I already knew about this program — it gives permission to rest your body and mind in order to get quiet. When we do this we discover our “soul whispers” around our life’s purpose. Limitless Self ~ Daring to Rest takes you through three phases: Rest, Release, […]

The Secret of Manifestation

  “What you put your attention on grows.”~ Deepak Chopra   We are manifesting throughout our entire lives though we often overlook the small manifestations that we create daily. For example, an individual manifestation might be doing poorly on an exam because of the fear we generated in advance about not doing well. Or the vision of owning a home and seeing ourselves over and over again in that home until we ultimately own it. Manifestations can occur whether we […]

Optimism and Gratitude

I’ve been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving this year.  It’s normally such a festive time, gathering my friends and family around me for wonderful food and a feeling of appreciation and gratitude.  The holiday season, in general, gives me hope and optimism.  This year, it’s a little bit of a struggle, as I will not gather with my family. My appreciation for optimistic people is enormous, especially those who can remain optimistic in the face of what we are experiencing […]

It’s worth (not)doing

It seems to be an American value, or at least a western one, that we always must be accomplishing something in order to be worthy. Someone once told me I had a Ph.D. in GSD (getting s%&$ done). I had a belief that if I stopped “doing” I wouldn’t be valued. This belief was confirmed when I met a woman who had three very successful adult children. She spoke about her son who had scored a 1600 on his SATs […]

Ignite Your Fire

One of the reasons I became a personal coach and shadow work facilitator is because I witnessed my own transformation from this work and know the power it has to move mountains in a person’s life. Since I began my business, I have witnessed many other people who have experienced the same. Welcome to Shadowland The concept of shadow work is to recognize when “shadows”, or the voices that hold you back, come up. If you think you’ve never met […]

Dragon as Archetype

  She closed her eyes. She could see the insides of the eyelids of a Dragon. The eyelids opened up to a thin slit, and she tried to peak out. The light was blinding. She closed her eyes again, and she could see the intricate and colorful pattern on the outside of the eye being spotlighted by the sun. She slowly opened her eyes again, and looked down her thin nose and saw a trail of smoke, and felt her […]

Confidence and You

People aren’t just born with confidence.  Like most behaviors, confidence is learned and practiced.  There are many simple tips you can implement to help develop your confidence.  As with any list of tips, the intent is not to try and do all of them at once; rather, choose the one or two that feel like they would work best for you and your circumstances.  As with most tips, practice will be required, so give them an honest effort and be […]

Land of the Free

The last few weeks have been cataclysmic in our country. The struggles of black people throughout this country’s history and the sharp edge of law enforcement and authority pressing their might against those who are most vulnerable. It’s left me feeling exasperated, frustrated, angry, and action-oriented. This month it’s been 30 years since I arrived in the US, so I’ve been thinking alot about my own journey to this country that expresses itself as, “land of the free, home of […]