A Well Rested Woman

One of the things I notice most when working with a new client is the mental and physical exhaustion they suffer around life goals and purpose. They have the drive and ambition, but not the energy to manifest. This is because the mental exhaustion of our day to day lives around what we SHOULD be doing as opposed to what we ARE doing can be profound.   I used to operate like this, believing I was functioning happily in my […]

Fear is just the passenger

One of the things I’ve been so grateful for in this time of Covid-19 is how many more relaxation and meditation tools have become available online. From celebrities to meditation experts, churches to online town halls, just about everyone is sharing what modality are working for them.   Fear and Creativity A couple of months ago I ran across a meditation on fear, recorded in response to Covid-19 given by the author Elizabeth Gilbert. The meditation inspired me to pick […]

The positives and perils of screen time

I don’t know about you but I’m spending even more time in front of a screen these days than I was before, which was more than I wanted to begin with! Still, it feels important and necessary during this time where we can feel stuck at home, lonely and isolated. It’s truly amazing that we are able to have these kinds of face to face interactions that we wouldn’t have been able to have 20 years ago. There is something […]

How to Stay Inspired and Inspire Others

Life is hard enough when we don’t have the confidence to see us through uneasy times. It’s difficult for us to not “go negative” when we don’t feel empowered to inspire ourselves, let alone others. Authentic Confidence People with authentic confidence have a unique ability to inspire. Confident people are positive, believe in possibilities, and see barriers as minor challenges or obstacles that have to be overcome. This is why confident people attract. They have a “go get ‘em” aura […]

The Power of Optimism

Being optimistic is more than seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Optimism shows itself through attitude, belief, and actions. When we are optimistic everything in life is different. Optimistic people: Set more goals and put more effort into attaining their goals. Stay more engaged when challenges arise.  Cope better during stressful times. Feel better about themselves and the world around them. In fact, it turns out that optimism is a predictor of work performance. The higher the optimism, the better […]

Want more Confidence? Kick some “Buts”

Are you a dreamer or a doer? Is your head in the clouds, full of ideas or are you able to plant your feet on the ground and get things done?  Confident people are both. They allow their imaginations to soar with possibilities AND have the courage to take action.    If you find yourself dreaming big but acting small, you might need to kick some “buts” that are holding you back.    Test yourself Think of a dream, big […]

Karin Green of Shadow Wisdom

I Quit!

My teacher and mentor Cliff Barry always says “It’s good to feel fear when you facilitate shadow work.  It makes you a better and safer facilitator.”  In the first few minutes of a Shadow Work process, I am convinced that this is the one where I won’t know what to do.  This will be the time I finally screw up.  My fears and self-doubt are front and center and I  question myself.  “Why am I doing this? There is no […]

Finding the Gifts of the Shadow

Imagine a résumé for your “shadow”—that unconscious part of us that holds all the stuff we deny, discount, disown, bury or pretend does not exist: Vengeful, easily victimized, lazy, bad, untrustworthy. Excel at hopelessness and rage, expert on greed. Not creative. Never finish what I start. Stupid, a loner, damaged goods. So not good enough. Have nothing important to say. Nurture dark thoughts. Definitely unlovable. The Dreaded Dark Side No one likes to admit to a dark side—it can be […]

How fear can be your guiding Light!

Is fear of failure stopping you? What stops you from… Asking your boss for a raise? Speaking up when you disagree with someone? Calling that person you met in the elevator? Starting that business you’ve been talking about for a decade? Auditioning for that part? Fill in the blank… Ask yourself, what stops you doing that which you most desire? Most likely, it’s fear of failure showing up. Are you afraid? Are you aware of physical sensations of fear in […]

When Negative Thoughts Gets In Your Way

We all have one! We all have one, a voice that expresses criticism or frustration, disapprove of our actions. It might sound like “what’s wrong with you”, “why can’t you get it together”, “that was stupid”, “they will find out you don’t know enough”. At best these negative thoughts are just present like background noise, and at worst they might paralyze you, prevent you from a successful career, a healthy relationship and may even lead to depression. The good news […]