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Identify your heart's true desires and clarify the mixed messages your sending yourself

Uncover hidden obstacles that hold you back . . . and then unlock how to overcome them

Transform blocks and shadows in to energy to empower yourself and your dreams

Shine a light on your shadows

Become a skilled manifester 

Be in action and stay on your path  

And much, much more . . . 

This experiential 4-week training has been created to help you tap into the incredible power of manifestation that we all possess. I take you from the place of having just a dream, to a place with a really clear vision of what it is you want in your life.

Visions are powerful, in that the shadows that are lurking in your subconscious and stealing energy from you on a daily basis, tends to become more visible, more “transformable” as you are starting to take action towards your dreams. It is in the action that you have a unique opportunity to shine a light in to your shadows and transform that which stops you, transform that which blocks you from resources that can propel you forward.  

In this live online training we deep dive into how you can become aware of your internal obstacles, like limiting habits and beliefs, that are keeping you from what you want and how to replace these habits with new ways of being that will bring you happiness. 

Karin is so caring and focused on my individual needs and really gets where I am at. She provided amazing interactive experiences during the remote sessions that were profound. I never imagined a remote session could be so life-changing. I literally experienced immediate positive changes in areas of my life in which I've felt stuck for years. My biggest breakthrough was the realization that I could change the things that are holding my back and limiting my potential. I also enjoyed the small group experience because other participants shared their thoughts and feelings and I could relate to them, as well. Everyone was so appropriate, I felt safe.
~ Wendy B.

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Here's What You Get In This 4 Week Series


Identify Your Heart's Desires!

Unable to articulate what you really want? Feel like you always know what you don’t want. Frustrating, Right?! Most of us have a long list of "don’t wants", but are struggling to Identify what we really want and sincerely desire. In this first class, we’ll explore what it is that makes true wants just so elusive. You’ll get clarity as to what you actually really want... what your heart truly desires. Not silly day-to-day selfish wants; like "I want a new shoes or OJ with break fast" but what your heart really and truly desires. We tap into the fire within that lights up your passion!


Shadow Boxing!

Are you fighting yourself to get what you want? Once we're clear on what you want, it's easier to spot what it is that is getting in your way. Now we go beyond surface blocks and journey to find what is really stopping you from getting what you want. This is often buried deep in our shadow and is a big surprise! Most of the time, that which stops us, is hidden and buried in the subconscious. Once brought out into the light, I will help guide you to know what to do with it! 


Transform It!

Now we get into the ways you'll transform that which stops you into something powerful and empowering! Imagine harnessing the energy that is currently stopping you from living your life full out and channeling it into the energy that will propel you forward. Access your life force and choose how to use it! 


Take Action!

Tap into the power of action and commitment! Discover the action you need to take to get what you really want in your life! These interactive sessions give you a ton of usable feedback you can actually apply in your real life for transformative changes. We deep dive into each step, with time for you to ask questions and share your journey. This gives you an enormous "bang for your buck" experience, shaking you up, disrupting your patterns and resetting you.

Working with Karin during her 4 week Focus and Clarity process was really powerful for me. Karin holds a space of wisdom, very naturally….. It is part of who she is. And during the processes throughout this training, I found myself sinking naturally into myself, into my core. That core awareness shifted me in ways that I didn’t expect, shifted me into a new understanding about myself. Thank you for the gift of Focus, Clarity and Freedom Karin!
Eric, 4 week training student

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Deepen & Personalize Your Experience

When you sign up for this training you will also get a 1 hour coaching call with me to help you get really clear on how to manifest your wants. 


Meet Four Tuesdays in September


Time: 4-5:30 pm EST  

There are only 12 spots available, so grab your seat!  

Where: On Zoom (it is an easy process to download on to any of your devices or you can call in using a phone). 

I have been involved with Shadow work for my personal journey since 2007. This past experience with Karin Green's program, Clarity, Freedom & Focus, has been the most laser-focused on Shadow work I have experienced. Karin Green's knowledge, coaching, and soulful connection to her clients was exactly what I needed in my Shadow work journey. I am so grateful for this wonderful coach.
~ Shining the light on my shadows,
Debbie Scavo

Secure Your Spot Now! Grab This Offer: $497 

Meet Your Host

Karin Green

Karin is a licensed Shadow Work coach, group facilitator and transformational life coach. She is also a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming.  

Karin uses her education and expertise to create a safe and nurturing space where clients can utilize the tools of Shadow Work to access deep healing and transformation. She is dedicated to helping people overcome fears to create positive and lasting change in their lives.