Free 60-minute “Bust Your Inner Critic” coaching session

What would your life be like if that nagging voice inside of you was not there anymore, the one that holds you back or make you small?  What if there was nothing stopping you from knowing your dreams and writing them in to the next chapter of your life?

If you want to create a sense of Clarity about how to live Your life full out and exactly how you want, then this consultation is for you.

If you are serious about manifesting your dreams, living your life inner critic free, and you are ready to take some action, then:

 I invite you to request a free 60-minute “Bust Your Inner Critic” coaching session.


About Your Free session:    During thissession (a $157 value), we will, create a sense of clarity about how you can live Your life full out and exactly how you want, find out what Your essential building blocks are for living Your life full out and Inner Critic free and discover the #1 way you Inner Critic stops you from living Your life full out

I’ll also give you a recommendation on what the best next step is for you based on where you are now. You will leave the call with having identified the most powerful action you can take to transform your Inner Critic and move towards living Your life full out and you will complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what to do next to create a life fully lived.

Karin Green is a warm, intuitive and wise Shadow Wisdom coach. During a recent “Bust Your Inner Critic call she helped me connect with a lighthearted, fun loving part of myself I had put away long ago. ~ Dexter

I applaud you for taking action towards manifesting a life fully lived and inner critic free!


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Let’s be serous… if your inner critic is in your way, you know it! Together we can do something about it. Sign up for your 60min session here.

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          I want you to know that this session is for YOU and your inner critic busting. While I do hope that your experience of my work will encourage working with me at some point, you are under no obligation to continue as a result of this session.



Karin Green is a transformational coach who helps her clients Bust their Inner Critic and create a joyful life. Click here for a full bio.