What My Clients Have to Say

Karin Green’s clients tell what it’s like to work with Karin and experience her Shadow Work seminars and coaching programs.


With Karin’s work and support, I have found freedom in exploring myself and working towards my goals no matter how big or small. We started with my goal of finding more joy in my life and what has occurred is that and so much more. When someone hears the word shadow work it can sound intense and perhaps scary. With a guide like Karin, you will find so much trust, support, and love that you feel safe to look at those places that need just that. My life has been and will continue to be forever changed by her. I highly recommend her.

~ Willa Tree



Working with Karin has been life changing (and I’m not the kind of person who says that kind of thing very often). For years I’ve worked on hard skills to become a more effective manager / leader / professional. However it was really clear that was a huge gap between who I was vs who I wanted to be and learning new skills wasn’t closing that gap.

I went to a seminar and learned about shadow work and talked to several potential coaches, but it wasn’t until I spoke to Karin that I found someone who was really able to help me extract the issues I needed to face head on.

In just a few months of coaching with Karin I can tell I’m a better leader, a better mentor, a better wife, a better mom & all around just a better version of myself.

If you are trying to get to the next level of personal growth I strongly recommend working with Karin.

~ Natalie Henley
Volume Nine


Shadow Work has been one of the most effective methods I’ve used in making real changes in my life. It has given me a greater understanding of myself, my perceptions, and my motivations, but more astonishingly, it has provided experiences that have actually changed how I view myself and how I act in my own life and in the world. The changes have been vital in making me a healthier, happier person. I can’t recommend the Shadow Work process enough.

~ Stacy Every


Karin is a skilled, heart-centered facilitators who have helped me do deep work.

~ Guthrie Sayen


Karin brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and empathy to her work. You cannot come to this work and not leave unchanged. “Powerful, beautiful light-working at play”

~ Natan Alexander


Shadow Work as a process that I have experienced is exactly what I needed personally so that I would do that scary thing and look at the wounds, the effect they had and make tough decisions to do the tough thing and move forward without these burdens weighing e down.

~ Lin Chandler


This work helped me REMEMBER, I have all the SUPPORT I need, Inside Myself ~ from the Natural World ~ from the Universe ~ to stand in my uninhibited wild joy.

~ Nicole Colvin-Griffin


Have you been desiring to move through barriers in your life that keep you feeling stuck or small? I encourage you to try Shadow Work and do the important and powerful work of healing old wounds that no longer serve you. It has been one of the most healing, loving and supportive containers I have had the privilege of being a part of in my healing journey. So very much worth it!!

~ Leila Z


Working with Karin has been amazing! I reached out to her because I was going through a transitional period in my life. I was experiencing frustration, overwhelmed and on the verge of a burnout figuring out how to pivot from my career into my business full-time. Karin guided me through the Shadow work process and it completely changed the way I view this “new endeavor”. I have learned a lot about myself in the process, which is healing in itself. Now, when I sense frustration or overwhelmed surfacing, I know to pause, sit and go within. Karin’s wisdom has been instrumental in learning to trust myself again. I am truly grateful for her work :-).


~ Kounthea Richards



Karin is a gifted, strong, skilled facilitator who offers a gift of a grounded, soothing, calming and nurturing presence with good seeing and clean & clear reflecting.  The world needs your work!

~ Rachel Fields

Karin is one of the best transformation work facilitator’s I have ever experienced. As a professional psychotherapist, who has seen individuals, couples, and run groups for over 12 years, I can honestly say that Karin’s work is supreme for breaking through old, stuck energy and releasing powerfully into your truth. Way to go, Karin and Shadow Wisdom!

~ Yay Atma

I love shadow work! I don’t think I could have healed my stuff more profoundly with traditional therapies. We all have “issues” from our past that seemingly get in the way of our being fulfilled or get in the way of having meaningful relationships. Shadow work facilitator Karin Green knows this, and is a master weaver in tying my threads both past and present into a beautiful golden fabric I wear like a favorite loose comfy garment.

~ Lisa Walsh

I want to take a moment and thank you for following YOUR dream and offering your Bust Your Inner Critic program. CLEARLY this has had an enormous impact on me. The difference between when I started and the other evening was like an anvil landing on my head. And the fact that I was able to maintain that in the face of some pretty difficult surroundings is testimony to it’s staying power. Thank you Karin.

~ Naraya Ligouri

I met Karin at a Shadow Work weekend, and recently to continue that work during individual sessions. I wasn’t sure how it would work, as I lived too far away to meet in person and didn’t know how to Skype- but even over the phone, Karin’s warmth and compassion came through loud and clear! I liked the fact that there was a free session to explore if this would work for me. She explained each process thoroughly, and I was able to relax and get deep into some of my (many) issues… I experienced the mind-body connection very strongly, and was able to really FEEL for the first time how my past has affected how I see and treat myself. I’m now on the road to believing that I deserve to be happy and to be in a loving relationship. Thank you, Karin!

~ Jill

Where do I even begin? I learned so much about myself and others working through the shadow types with Karin. Her energy sets the scene so beautifully for each session, you feel safe, you feel at home. One of the biggest breakthroughs I noticed was right before our last session. I realized for the first time in pretty much my whole life, I actually was beginning to have a very healthy relationship with my mom. In so many nonliteral ways I was shown how to accept her, understand her, but most important understand why I had felt the way I did, where the turmoil originated from, to begin with. It’s those things we lock away and don’t even know they are there.

~ Danielle Aime
Business Mentor & Spiritual Healer

Your journey, knowledge, and passion for healing, bridged my past and today in a way I could never have imagined. It was my next step! The archetypes are becoming real energy tools. I’m processing what I don’t even know if that makes any sense (lol). One last thing…I am so grateful for all the other women in the circle. Their incredible presence and full participation made it possible for me to feel safe and for the first time allow others to witness my feelings and theirs in such a vulnerable way was pretty unbelievable. There is an energetic shift that I can’t begin to describe.

~ Donna W.

I love how a shadow work process makes so much more room for what I want.

~ Ariana Breganti

If you think you know yourself that’s a great place to start uncovering your past. If you don’t it’s a great way to learn about yourself. Karin creates a safe loving space to explore, recover, get messy and regroup. Thank you so much.

~ Beth Richmond

The shadow work group session showed me the hope and the strength in others, which truly opened my heart. I loved everything, witnessing other people be in the same boat as me. It was powerful to feel and understanding the root of my problem.

~ Jackie Miller

I found Shadow Work to be a powerful, moving, energetic, and transformational process that will keep unfolding in my life. It gave me clarity on the role of the shadow in my life. It helped me change the energy that I have held it with.

~ Mari

I had no idea how much hurt and negativity I was holding in and telling myself every day. Because of this Shadow Work I was able to see that clearly and feel like I can move forward in my life towards happiness and love. I felt safe and supported and the experience of Shadow Work has allowed me to move forward stronger and freer.

~ C. Bond

Karin created a safe environment that allowed vulnerability in accessing my feelings. It served me to hold willingness and I felt benefit in shedding my old beliefs and negative mind messages. Shadow Work provides me with opportunity to grow and grow and grow. Thank you!

~ Gail Michon

Deeply emotionally moving. Felt a bit like taking part in an archeological dig… sifting through layers of stored history, unearthing feelings long buried. This is powerful work, ably and lovingly brought forward by Karin who effortlessly guided us to access inner territory and uncover gifts buried there. I was surprised by how many tears came as a result of taking part in this work. Shadow work feels like it offers the promise of deep healing work to come forth rather effortlessly.

~ Jen

By working with Karin I was able to give myself permission to do what I want and need for myself. I got the freedom to be myself.

~ C. Coles 

Karin Green is a warm, intuitive and wise Shadow Wisdom coach. During a recent “Bust Your Inner Critic call she helped me connect with a lighthearted, fun loving part of myself I had put away long ago.

~ Dexter

After getting back the results from the Shadow type survey I was honestly blown away yet at the same time felt confirmed. It gave me this deeper connection that I felt I had, it made me feel whole.
It’s beyond fascinating and reminds you of a mix of psychology and spirituality. I encountered so many ah-ha moments understanding why I feel the way I do about certain things, and also how I choose to think.
It gave me the opportunity to embrace all my side’s as well as uncover some deeper shadows that were hidden. If it wasn’t for this survey and going through it I don’t believe they would have ever been noticed. It’s as if they set up a challenge for me to find them.
I would recommend this to anyone on the path to soul growth and continued evolution. It’s a very unique way to uncover the deeper hidden parts of our selves.

~ Laura Tam

After a one-on-one session with Karin and a follow-up shadow-work process, I found myself neither wanting nor needing to continue an unhealthy behavior that I had become pretty attached to. I was initially hesitant to do the process, self-conscious and not really believing that addressing an old issue in could change anything. I was wrong, it did – effortlessly. Karin’s ability to navigate my resistance and get to the heart of this issue shows me that she knows HOW to listen deeply to what I said, how I said it, what I didn’t say, my posture, and I don’t know what else. Karin is brilliant. I highly recommend Karin to anyone wanting to become a better version of themselves.

~ Brett Brumby

Shadow Work has definitely made me more aware of certain issues that I have been grappling with for a long time. It has helped me to love myself and allow others to show their love for me through their actions. The awareness I got is liberating!

~ Teck Ai

Shadow Work has been incredible transformative and impactful experience. In addition to learning valuable tools and framework for communication and personal growth, Shadow Work has also allowed me to deepen the connection I have with my family in a profoundly meaningful way. I now understand myself and my parents better. I highly recommend this experience, and hope that one day you will be able to experience the powerful and life changing effect of shadow work for yourself and your family.

~ Jonathan K.

The Shadow Work weekend with my family was one of the most meaningful things we have done together. We got to connect on a level we have never experience before. We left the workshop with the wonderful gift of better communication, deeper understanding and greater love for one another. I would highly recommend this experience for any family – close nit or not.

~ Natalie

I have been involved with Shadow work for my personal journey since 2007. This past experience with Karin Green’s program, Clarity, Freedom & Focus, has been the most laser focused on Shadow work I have experienced. Karin Green’s knowledge, coaching and soulful connection to her clients was exactly what I needed in my Shadow work journey. I am so grateful for this wonderful coach.

~ Debbie Scavo
Shining the light on my shadows