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… quiet your inner critic and have more peace and joy
… discover how to create an inner ally that you can always access
… learn how to be your own best friend
… handle stress in a more productive way
… create a healthy, balanced life of awareness, joy, power, and connection
When you understand why you act and behave the way you do, you are able to make new decisions, make more powerful choices, without being driven by the deep shame that fuels your Inner Critic.


“I found the Shadow Types model and the session with Karin so helpful.  The model itself very accessible and practical and Karin brings a beautiful balance of creating a supportive atmosphere where she reflects back and affirms your gifts whilst at the same sharing, in a very non-shaming way, how your less developed sides might hold you back and she gives highly practical suggestions for ways to develop these sides.  I enjoyed our session and felt inspired and energized to go forward and live the fullest version of me!”  ~Jayne B.
 Shadow Types by Karin Green at
About Shadow Types

If you are the kind of person who is drawn to deep inner transformation and self-development, understanding your Shadow Type will be like pushing down on the accelerator of your personal growth journey.

The Shadow Types survey identifies 12 innate tendencies that we all have. Our personality results from which of these tendencies we favor and which ones we avoid. The Shadow Types survey gives you a profile of your own, unique combination of these tendencies as well as your dominant Shadow Type.

The Shadow Types system paints 3-dimensional portraits of 12 main personality types. Each portrait reveals a particular pattern of your wounding experiences and traces how your personality formed around your core wounding. These wounding patterns drive much of our thinking, feeling and behavior, and also show how your Shadow type typically reacts to stress and what challenges you likely face in your daily life.

These insights into our inner dynamics prepare us to make considerable progress on our journey of personal growth work.

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