Shadow Work

Shadow Work. Shadow Wisdom with Karin GreenKarin Green, Certified Shadow Work Facilitator, brings her vast personal experience and training in Shadow Work to her sessions and intensives. Her clients are gifted a safe, calm, and nurturing space in which to overcome fear and access deep healing, and find empowerment to make positive and impactful changes in their lives.

Have you been desiring to move through barriers in your life that keep you feeling stuck or small? I encourage you to try Shadow Work and do the important and powerful work of healing old wounds that no longer serve you. It has been one of the most healing, loving and supportive containers I have had the privilege of being a part of in my healing journey. So very much worth it!! ~Leila Z

Transform Your Story, Transform Your Life

We are all the product of our pasts. We work, play, love, hate, communicate, shout, forget, and learn—all dictated by habitual patterns laid out for us by our experiences. The inner dynamic, dictated by a cast of characters associated with the Jungian archetypes, can be complex and habitually persistent—so loud and demanding we simply don’t even know what it is that we want or need anymore. But Shadow Work is a powerful tool that allows us to clearly see the inner dynamic and transform it. Does any of this seem familiar?

  ⇒ Do you have success in your life, but can’t stop comparing yourself to others and always come up lacking?

  ⇒ Do you work hard, but feel like it’s never good enough?

  ⇒ Does your inner critic make you feel like you’ll never achieve the life you want?

When we begin to pay attention and acknowledge the reality of our inner dynamic, we can take back control of our lives. Shadow Work provides a great opportunity to dig deep, discover the archetypal characters (like the inner critic) that have been controlling our actions and thoughts and uncover what we truly need and want in our lives—and then it provides the transformational means to create it.

Shadow Work® is a way to bring your true self out of shadow and into the light. In this video, ALisa Starkweather speaks on what our shadow is and how we can find what Carl Jung called our shadow in our unconsciousness.

How Do I Know If Shadow Work Is For Me?

Shadow Work can help people heal and transform on many levels. Clients work with me for a variety of reasons. A place to start is to ask some questions:

  ⇒ Is your inner critic ruling your life?

  ⇒ Are you plagued with self- doubt?

  ⇒ Do you have difficulty making decisions in life, large or small?

  ⇒ Are you a child of immigrant parents and feel split between your cultural background and your life in a new country?

  ⇒ Do you find yourself directing abusive thoughts inward?

  ⇒ Do you feel powerless?

  ⇒ Do you hold pain in your body (headaches, heartache, nervous stomach), with no known physical cause or source?

If you resonate with any of these situations, it’s likely ShadowWork could benefit you. Contact me to learn more about how Shadow Work can help you live your life as fully as you deserve.  Learn more about Shadow Work and its history.

Click Here for Upcoming Shadow Work Seminars

A Shadow Work® Seminar, with lots of experiential group activites, is appropriate for anyone interested in Shadow Work®.

A Shadow Work® Seminar offers an opportunity to do “centerwork,” meaning an individual process in the center of the group, during which you explore a life issue with the help of the facilitators and the attention of the group. Your centerwork process begins when you answer the question, “What do you want to have happen?” Then the facilitators, using the Shadow Work® tools, help you reconstruct your issue, so that you can view the shadow objectively. The facilitators are then able to suggest new perspectives and facilitate powerful techniques for reintegrating the energy of the shadow.

You can also attend a seminar without doing centerwork, and many people choose this option for their first weekend.


“Karin’s Shadow Work Seminar melds mind, body, and spirit in a dance of emotional transformation.  They facilitate with deep connection and love and lead from the heart to create a safe, rich space for interactive growth and rebirth.”

~Barbara F.