Dancing with Your Shadow Womens Weekend, North Carolina – May 2020

Shadow Work by Karin Green at www.shadowwisdom.com



~~ May 15-17, 2020,  Marshall,  North Carolina ~~

— We will meet in Marshall, NC – exact location will be sent after registering —

Friday 6 – 10 PM • Saturday 9:00 AM – 6 PM • Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Facilitated by Karin Green and Kristin Wilson

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Join us for an exhilarating experience of self-discovery, deep healing, and personal growth.

Your shadows are like a gold mine of creative energy.

Shadow Work® provides the tools to uncover Your Inner Gold and harness its potential.

During the Dancing with Your Shadow weekend, we will explore shadow and light through group exercises, visualizations, and you will have an opportunity to do an individual process to:

  • Shift old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
  • Transform anger into power
  • Transmute grief into a deep connection with yourself and others
  • Turn fear into insight and understanding
  • Find compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

About Shadow Work

Shadow Work is a personal growth process based on Jungian Psychology, Gestalt, & Psychodramatic techniques designed to access our hidden power, energy and integrate our wholeness into our lives. We all have places where we have been hurt or wounded that we have learned to hide so we don’t get hurt again. In hiding these places, we hide part of our life force energy.  In Shadow Work, we explore this inner territory and reclaim who we really are with the ability to live and love more fully.

This seminar offers you an opportunity to work with your shadow and to reclaim disowned gifts and talents. If you have a primary partner, you may find that attending together will strengthen your relationship.

During the weekend, you will experience a series of processes carefully designed to help with accessing the full range of emotions. You may choose to work a specific issue in the presence of the group. This provides an opportunity to explore and deal with a life issue with the help of skilled facilitators and the support of the group. Throughout the weekend, your intention guides your process. Using Shadow Work tools, the facilitators help you to symbolically reconstruct your issue so the shadow can be viewed objectively. They suggest perspectives and offer powerful techniques for reclaiming the energy in the shadow.

Also, you can be a part of the Dancing with Your Shadow experience without working your own issue individually in the center of the group. As you watch, and support work done by others, you will share in the transformation of shadows similar to your own as well as increase your capacity for compassion, empathy, and acceptance.


Cost: $495;   $150 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space. 

Pre-registration required.

This seminar is held in a beautiful cabin in the mountains. There are beds available for $75 for the weekend (in shared rooms) if you want to stay in the cabin, or The Resort Town of Hot Springs, NC is about 15 minutes away with more options for lodging. Participants are responsible for their own food.


For more information or to register

–> –> –> Contact Karin through email Karin@shadowwisdom.com or call 508-479-8206 <– <– <–


Your Facilitators for the Weekend

Karin Green at Shadow Wisdom


Karin Green is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator, Coach, and Trainer, as well as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer.

Karin has been facilitating women’s circles for 20+ years and is on the faculty as a facilitator for the Dragon Training and Women In Power.  She brings her vast experiential knowledge of Shadow Work to create a safe, nurturing space in which her clients can access deep healing and transformation.

As a coach and thought-leader for people of all different walks of life, her work is guided by her vision to create empowerment to allow us to be fully present to the true desires of our hearts and souls. She is the founder of Shadow Wisdom.




Kristin at Shadow WisdomKristin Wilson is White Southern Appalachian American queer cis-woman of European ancestry committed to working with organizations, groups, and individuals seeking a greater wholistic sense of well-being by implementing anti-oppression frameworks. She works nationally as a trainer and consultant for organizations, groups, and individuals with predominantly White identified people dismantling White Supremacy Culture and identifying and developing a culture that best aligns with their values. Kristin works locally in Asheville, NC at Buncombe County DHHS as a Resiliency Coordinator in Social Services and Neutral Facilitator of Child and Family Team meetings in Child Protective Services to advocate for children and families and support social workers, community providers and supports to build a resilient, healthy community free of violence, abuse, and neglect. Kristin has worked within the non-profit, private, and government sectors specializing in women’s empowerment, therapy, domestic violence, child protective services, anti-racism, spirit-centered work, GLBTQ initiatives, youth work, leadership development, and wholistic healing. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a MSW from Smith College School for Social Work and is on the track to be certified as a ShadowWork facilitator.