Awaken & Reclaim your Vibrant Sexual Life

A 3-Day Sexuality, Gender & Shadow Work Deep Dive Retreat with Amy Jo Goddard & Karin Green
January 23-26, 2020
Loveland, CO


All genders welcome


Uncovering the parts we can’t see so they no longer hold us back from the vibrant sexual life we want.

Nearly every human has taken on some shame, guilt, negativity, harsh judgment or trauma related to their sexuality in some way. Until we take it out and look at and discover what we are meant to learn from it, it will continue to eat away at us and prevent us from living our most vibrant life.

Sexuality is the key to our creativity and the life force within us. To be in right relationship with our sexuality, including our body, our desire, our pleasure, our love and our erotic nature is a key to being our most joyfully expressed self.

In this very special weekend, we will take participants into a shadow exploration process that allows each person to heal the things that have been weighing on them, to regain right relationship with all aspects of self and to free up the energy that has been suppressed and repressed, holding them back from the love, joy, pleasure and healthy relationships they desire.

Through the Sexuality, Gender & Shadow Retreat, you will take home:

  • A more empowered way of being with your sexuality
  • Access to more of your life force energy
  • A more empowered sexual life
  • A body, spirit and mind that is lighter from releasing shame, guilt, old stories, and trauma
  • A clear sense of your true boundaries
  • A confident No, and a powerful Yes
  • Clarity on what you really want and desire, that you might not have even been aware of
  • Knowing how to ask for what you want, in spite of your fear
  • The release of unconscious patterns that do not serve you, and embodying positive, life-affirming ways of being
  • A new, powerful narrative of your sexual story and tools for rewriting any of your stories which do not serve your greatest good
  • Confidence to stand in the fire and look fear in the face for your own liberation
  • A powerful updated inner ally
  • More freedom, joy, and fulfillment as a fully actualized human being
  • The ability to talk about sexuality and gender in a way that is natural, empowering and life-affirming
  • More sexual agency and freedom of expression
  • The opportunity to create a new paradigm in your sexual relationship(s)
  • The wholeness that comes with coming home to yourself as a sexual person

This weekend is for you if:

  • You want to free yourself to own your sexual desires and needs without judgment or fear of being alone
  • Your sexuality has felt heavy and you feel your life force has been dulled by the weight you are carrying
  • You are ready to liberate yourself from the unprocessed shame, guilt and trauma that has held you back from being who your full self as a sexual being
  • You want to be more fully expressed as an erotic being
  • You long for relationships where you feel met, and seen, and don’t have to hide aspects of who you are or what you desire
  • You are ready to release the patriarchal voice that lives inside of you, the part that does not ever want you to be fully liberated as a sexual being
  • You are willing to do your own internal activism, to shine a light on the patriarchal shadow deep in your subconscious mind, that has been conditioned and embedded over generations
  • You are ready to reframe your shame, guilt, trauma into something good and valuable and turn your negative inner voices about your sexuality into an inner ally

It might be counter intuitive, but the road to set free our sexual energy lies in the places we hesitate to go, in the places we are not so willing to own within ourselves. The road to sexual freedom is in the places where we say, “I am not that” or “that is not who I am”. This road is not easily traveled alone. Let’s join hands and with the support of experienced and trained facilitators, let’s go there together for full liberation.

All genders welcome

You will get:

  • A three-day retreat that combines rich teachings and shadow work processes to help you get underneath your patterns and discover what has been holding you back from flourishing and being fully liberated around sexuality and gender.
  • A personal shadow work process “on the carpet” where you get guidance through a specific issue you are ready to release or transform.
  • Expert guidance from skilled and experienced facilitators so that you have the breakthroughs you want and open to a whole new way of being.
  • Retreat in a beautiful environment in the Rocky Mountains where you can feel nourished, fed and fortified.
  • A rare opportunity to speak and be heard about your personal and cultural expectations and experiences.
  • A place to shine a light on the unconscious strategies you have used to protect yourself, and get an opportunity to create new, empowering strategies.


  • Accommodations are booked by participants and include 3 meals per day
  • 1 hour from the airport, 20 minutes from downtown Loveland
  • Shuttle services are available.

Want to learn more about shadow work?

Listen to these audio recordings of founders Cliff Barry and Vicki Woodard talking about the four Shadow Work Quadrants and Archetypes: The Magician, The Lover, The Warrior and The Sovereign. We will use Shadow Work processes, overlaid with powerful sexuality frameworks to create a unique weekend that allows you to go deep in the places you have been wounded and which want to heal.

Shadow Work Basics

by Cliff Barry, Mary Ellen Whalen, Vicki Woodard

About the facilitators

As a sexuality empowerment educator for over 20 years, Amy Jo Goddard has helped thousands of people improve their lives, boost their confidence, learn the art of asking for what they want, step into their power, learn to radically love their bodies, show up as emotionally powerful in their relationships, rock-star their mid-life with the best sex ever, and put in perspective and practice the very real and important role sexuality was meant to play in their lives.

Karin Green brings her vast experiential knowledge of Shadow Work to create a safe, nurturing space in which her clients can access deep healing and transformation. As a coach and thought-leader for people of all different walks of life, Karin Green combines over 15 years of transformational experience, with a passion for using her vast knowledge of Shadow Work and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Karin creates an engaging space for transformation and growth.

Living in shame is really not living. No matter where you are right now, you get to do it differently starting today. Getting support and airing your shame is the only way to heal it.

All genders welcome