I have been involved with Shadow work for my personal journey since 2007. This past experience with Karin Green’s program, Clarity, Freedom & Focus, has been the most laser focused on Shadow work I have experienced. Karin Green’s knowledge, coaching and soulful connection to her clients was exactly what I needed in my Shadow work journey. I am so grateful for this wonderful coach.

The Shadow Work weekend with my family was one of the most meaningful things we have done together. We got to connect on a level we have never experience before. We left the workshop with the wonderful gift of better communication, deeper understanding and greater love for one another. I would highly recommend this experience for any family – close nit or not.

Shadow Work has been incredible transformative and impactful experience. In addition to learning valuable tools and framework for communication and personal growth, Shadow Work has also allowed me to deepen the connection I have with my family in a profoundly meaningful way. I now understand myself and my parents better. I highly recommend this experience, and hope that one day you will be able to experience the powerful and life changing effect of shadow work for yourself and your family.

Shadow Work has definitely made me more aware of certain issues that I have been grappling with for a long time. It has helped me to love myself and allow others to show their love for me through their actions. The awareness I got is liberating!

After a one-on-one session with Karin and a follow-up shadow-work process, I found myself neither wanting nor needing to continue an unhealthy behavior that I had become pretty attached to. I was initially hesitant to do the process, self-conscious and not really believing that addressing an old issue in could change anything. I was wrong, it did – effortlessly. Karin’s ability to navigate my resistance and get to the heart of this issue shows me that she knows HOW to […]

After getting back the results from the Shadow type survey I was honestly blown away yet at the same time felt confirmed. It gave me this deeper connection that I felt I had, it made me feel whole. It’s beyond fascinating and reminds you of a mix of psychology and spirituality. I encountered so many ah-ha moments understanding why I feel the way I do about certain things, and also how I choose to think. It gave me the opportunity […]

Karin Green is a warm, intuitive and wise Shadow Wisdom coach. During a recent “Bust Your Inner Critic call she helped me connect with a lighthearted, fun loving part of myself I had put away long ago.

By working with Karin I was able to give myself permission to do what I want and need for myself. I got the freedom to be myself.

Deeply emotionally moving. Felt a bit like taking part in an archeological dig… sifting through layers of stored history, unearthing feelings long buried. This is powerful work, ably and lovingly brought forward by Karin who effortlessly guided us to access inner territory and uncover gifts buried there. I was surprised by how many tears came as a result of taking part in this work. Shadow work feels like it offers the promise of deep healing work to come forth rather […]

Karin created a safe environment that allowed vulnerability in accessing my feelings. It served me to hold willingness and I felt benefit in shedding my old beliefs and negative mind messages. Shadow Work provides me with opportunity to grow and grow and grow. Thank you!