FEB 14-16, 2020


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Shadow Work® invites you to discover parts of yourself you have hidden or denied.   By bringing these parts out of shadow, in a safe, experiential setting, where you can unlock the power of your true self, with all your gifts and strengths – even those you may have disowned.

Shadow Work provides the tools to uncover your inner gold, access its potential and liberate the energy trapped in what you hide, repress and deny! You will have an opportunity to do an individual process that allows you to. . .

Shift old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
Transform anger into power
Transmute grief into deep connection with self  & others
Turn fear into insight and understanding
Find compassion, empathy, and acceptance

This co-gender, non-residential seminar offers you an opportunity to work with your shadow and to reclaim disowned gifts and talents. If you have a primary partner, you may find that attending together will strengthen your relationship.

During the weekend, you will experience a series of processes carefully designed to help with accessing the full range of emotions. You may choose to work a specific issue in the presence of the group. This provides an opportunity to explore and deal with a life issue with the help of skilled facilitators and the support of the group.

Throughout the weekend, your intention guides your process. Using Shadow Work tools, the facilitators help you to symbolically reconstruct your issue so the shadow can be viewed objectively. They suggest perspectives and offer powerful techniques for reclaiming the energy in the shadow.

Also, you can be a part of the Shadow Work experience without working your own issue individually in the center of the group. As you watch, and support work done by others, you will share in the transformation of shadows similar to your own as well as increase your capacity for compassion, empathy, and acceptance.

This Workshop Weekend Is Perfect For Me! I Am In!

You Will Experience How To

  • Honor Your Risk Manager
  • Align With Your Highest Potential
  • Express Your Truth In New Ways
  • Reclaim Your Power and Confidence
  • Receive Safe Support In A Co-ed Container
  • Gain New Perspectives On Old Patterns
  • Find Self-love and Inner Guidance
  • Release Resentments and Find True Compassion

Want to learn more about shadow work?

Listen to these audio recordings of founders Cliff Barry and Vicki Woodard talking about the four Shadow Work Quadrants and Archetypes: The Magician, The Lover, The Warrior and The Sovereign. We will use Shadow Work processes, overlaid with powerful sexuality frameworks to create a unique weekend that allows you to go deep in the places you have been wounded and which want to heal.

Shadow Work Basics

by Cliff Barry, Mary Ellen Whalen, Vicki Woodard


David Kaar is a Certified Shadow Work facilitator and a ManKind Project leader.

He has always been fascinated with how things work: from quantum physics to the human psyche. He has put his knowledge to practical use in new materials research (producing 3 U.S. Patents) and by leading over 100 personal development and leadership training. He has created and led successful teams: locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2001 he founded Paeon Partners to bring his inquiry into how life works to the larger community. As the new leadership and empowerment models supplant command-and-control systems, an understanding of how the models work is vital in creating new tools and infrastructure to support them. Emotional Intelligence is essential and teachable. 

Karin Green is a Certified Shadow Work® Group Facilitator, Coach, and Trainer, as well as a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner and Trainer.

Karin has been facilitating women’s circles for 20+ years and is on the faculty as a facilitator for the Dragon Training and Women In Power.  She brings her vast experiential knowledge of Shadow Work to create a safe, nurturing space in which her clients can access deep healing and transformation.

As a coach and thought-leader for people of all different walks of lifeHer work is guided by her vision to create empowerment to allow us to be fully present to the true desires of our hearts and souls. She is the founder of Shadow Wisdom.

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Individual|  One-time Payment                         $745   [Click Here]

Individual|  $150 deposit + 3 payments             $799   [Click Here]

Couples|     One-time payment                        $1290  [Click Here]

Couples|      $150 deposit + 3 payments           $1398  [Click Here]


Friday, February 14, 6:00 – 10:00 PM

Saturday, February 15, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Sunday, February 16, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The exact location will be sent after registration.

Pre-registration required. This is a non-residential seminar. Participants are responsible for their own food and lodging.

For more information or to register contact:

Karin at (508) 479-8206

David at (612) 275-5165

This Workshop Weekend Is Exactly What I Need!