Want more Confidence? Kick some “Buts”

Are you a dreamer or a doer? Is your head in the clouds, full of ideas or are you able to plant your feet on the ground and get things done?  Karin Green at Shadow WisdomConfident people are both. They allow their imaginations to soar with possibilities AND have the courage to take action. 


If you find yourself dreaming big but acting small, you might need to kick some “buts” that are holding you back. 


Test yourself

Think of a dream, big or small. What comes to mind?

  • “But I don’t have enough time…” 
  • “But there’s not enough money…”
  • “But I need more education….”  Karin Green at Shadow Wisdom

These are some “buts” that definitely need some ass-kicking!


Here’s a confident approach:

  • Examine the “buts” to see if they are really true – or if they are just excuses.
  • Turn your “buts” into truths
    • I have as much time as anyone in the world. I choose how to spend it every day.
    • I will make smart decisions around money so I can achieve my dreams. 
    • I can get all the education I want and need if I am willing to take the necessary steps.
  • Take a first step today. Small steps can make big goals seem attainable– one day at a time.


If you want to advance your career, quit smoking, learn to skydive, or buy a house, don’t let your “buts” hold you back. Kick them out of your way by honestly addressing them, developing a plan, and taking action. 

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